In our Hi-Tech era we are in right now it seems that there
would be more advancement in dog training. Well, the fact is that
dog training has not really come all that far in the last twenty years.
And it is just as hard to train a dog now as it always has been.
Even with the Hi-Tech Dog Training method it is still not really easy
to train a dog.
      However, the results of Hi-Tech Training are above average.
And the real benefits are to the dogs owner in the way the training
can transfer to the owner of the dog.
      A dog trained with Hi-Tech is going to be a dog you will love
and be a dream come true. The dog will be so very cooperative with
you in home situations and hunting situations. You will wonder how
you have went so long without a dog trained this way.
      It is so common for people to think a dog is limited to only a
certain low level in training. And to train would break a dogs spirit.
So we commonly put up with low level results, because we don't
even think it possible to truly train a dog all the way.
      It is the kind of training that will make or break a dogs spirit, or
create true training, or poor training.
      When training is going in the direction of nature, and giving a
dog the belief he can win and beat challenges, the dog is very
cooperative in training. And a willing student is going to learn and
get better at learning. And, as this attitude continues when training
is transferring to the dogs owner, the dog is not going to do the sort
of common behavior as with standard training methods. Such as
challenging your authority to see if you will correct and force.
      The dog that is willing is going to be very willing to please you.
And this dog will want to follow the rules and perform correctly.
This is not the norm with standard training methods.
      It has become so common to think of training and force at the
same time that we so commonly do so automatically. Even though
we would rather not have to force a dog , we think it is the only way
to truly motivate.
      When people think of a remote trainer they automatically think
of force and punishment because this is the only way most of us
think a remote trainer can be used. And this is not true. A remote
trainer can be used as a motivator that motivates through the
positive when it is used to present the discomfort as a challenge
the dog can beat, and truly feel the elation of victory over challenge.
      The more a dog believes in his own skills at avoiding
discomfort, and feeling victory over challenge, the more rewarding
responding becomes to the dog. And because the responding is
behavior that pleases us humans the dog learns to want to please
us more and more. To see a dog that responds with this type
attitude is seeing a dog that you always wanted. The dog is
obeying commands, and working, because he loves the feeling of
doing correctly. This is very different from standard training and the
attitude produced from standard training. Which is a dog that will
not respond unless the dog feels intimidated by your authority.
      So, to think of Hi-Tech Dog Training and using the remote
trainer as just another way to force, punish, or , intimidate, a dog
into obedience, is not at all correct. Hi-Tech is as opposite to force
and intimidation as day is from night.
      It is always the desire of any normal human being to be in
harmony and in good relations with our dog. And it is not because
certain people are maladjusted that they use force and punishment
on their dog. It is because it is the only way to train they know and
understand, and they want control of the dog. If there were a
kinder way these people would choose the kinder way in a second.
      The person who has a dog trained by Hi-Tech training is going
to be experiencing what all humans have wanted out of dogs ever
since dogs and humans began together.        
      It will be necessary for the owner of the dog to use a remote
trainer to transfer training to the owners home settings, and
situations the dog has been in before. This is to insure the dog
carries the avoidance motivation into all situations where obedience
is needed. However, to think of this as being the same as force and
correction , is not correct. Because, the dog is not associating the
discomfort as force or correction, or with any negative. Because the
dog is with a trained attitude to believe in his own skills to avoid.
      This need for using the remote trainer is only going to be
necessary for a short time. Because the dog is going to not need
the remote trainer after being motivated a few times.
      Another problem with standard training methods, that use a
remote trainer to force and correct a dog into compliance out of
fear, is the dog never really learns to avoid and to respond for the
good feelings of responding. So the dog has problems with collar
phase out. And is in need of wearing a remote collar most of the
      In Hi-Tech training the collar can be phased out easily. As time
passes ,and the dog is not wearing the collar, the dog continues to
feel good about responding, working, and pleasing you.
      The other benefit to Hi-Tech Training is that if any problem
would ever happen to arise the problem can be dealt with and
cured much easier. Of course, it is not always the remote trainer
that will be used to deal with all types of problems. However,
certain problems can be cured in very short order with the remote
      The avoidance training is going to give the dog a sense of
being able to cope with stresses. And this means the dog will be
much happier, healthier, live longer, and be more vigorous .
Hi-Tech training is the best gift you can give to a
dog and yourself.