HI-TECH DOG             
 Hello  my name is John Leonard. I am the dog trainer at Okaw Valley
Kennels.I have trained bird dogs, retrievers, flushing dogs, and much obedience
training with many other types and breeds of dogs, for 20 + years. And through
these years of training I have learned some very interesting and real ,Facts
about training dogs. I have learned that dogs are not going to respond to some
of the types of teaching and training as we humans learn
 Dogs are dogs. Which means they are actually a wild
animal which we humans have domesticated and enjoy
them,  for the social companionship they give us, and for
the different types of games we can play with them, and for
the jobs they can do for us, and as hunting partners.
     However, we can not forget that dogs are very different
from us in many ways. They do not think the way
people think. A dogs thinking is very simple. They want what they want and do
not really care what we are wanting out of them, or wanting them to do. So this
means we need to find ways to motivate them to do things our way. Because the
dog that does everything its' own way will be putting himself in danger, or
creating problems with our relationship with the dog. So, we humans want a dog
that will do behaviors that create well being to the dog, and behaviors that help
us and dog to live in harmony with one another ,and to do jobs for us in a willing
     This is what we call dog training. And the subject of dog training can be
somewhat a controversial subject. The controversy is not if the dog should be
trained, but is "how should the dog be trained"?
      Some people have come to be strong in beliefs against obedience training.
And the reason for people having this opinion about obedience training is , it
seems that obedience training has become to be built on the use of force and
punishment, in many books and the advice of many trainers. And most people
are turned off by having to be forceful and punishing to their dog. And, in people
who own gun dogs it is very common knowledge that too much force and
pressure on the dog will break the spirit of a gun dog.
      There are other types of people who are very strong in the belief that
pressure, force, and high stress, is the only way to truly attain real results from
training. And there have been many very good dog trainers who have proven this
type training to be very effective. However, the dog trainers who train this way
are usually working with very tough type dogs, and the trainers know the limits of
how much stress can be put on each individual dog.
      My training philosophy is a mixture of beliefs. I am against the use of force
and high stress in training. But I am a believer in strict training. I can be a
believer in strict training and also let the dog feel that training is fun, and have a
dog that wants to cooperate in training. I can do this by using HI TECH DOG
      The one very big part of HI Tech Training that makes it so very effective,
and also creates a willing responder , is within using play as a positive
reinforcement. This is a form of training that goes more with nature than any
other type training. And it is very effective at creating a compliant attitude in a
dog. Simply because the dog is making a trade of doing some type response to
a command, in exchange for receiving a play bout. However, even though this
training called "play Training" is a very effective way to start a dog, and create a
very positive attitude in a dog, it is just impractical as an overall way to fully train
a dog. Because , more is needed to create real results.
      So, the other form of training that is used along with play training is what is
titled "AVOIDANCE TRAINING". The main factor in avoidance training is in
training a dog to feel good about beating a challenge. The challenge is avoiding a
      I know some people will read this and think Avoidance Training is just a
different way to use force training. The fact is that avoidance training is real and
has Science to back it. What really and truly separates avoidance training form
force training is the difference in results of training. The results of Avoidance
Training is a dog that feels good about training, believes in himself, and feels that
training is satisfying.
      The way Avoidance Training and Play Training work together is in the play
training allowing the dog to remain high in spirit in the face of challenge. And the
dog can learn to feel good about beating challenge as the dog learns the total
strategy of how to avoid. And the good feeling, that comes from beating
challenge, is creating a more willing attitude about training. This allows the
trainer to begin relying more on avoidance training and less on play as positive
reinforcement. Which means play can be used less and less as the dog
becomes trained.
      The main tool of training, to do Avoidance Training, is a remote trainer.
Commonly called "shock collar", or, "electronic collar". The name of the device is
not important. What is important is how it is used. It needs to be used with a
knowledge of Avoidance Training and Play Training used together. It is very poor
training to use a remote trainer to do force training, or to think you are using
Avoidance Training, when you are inadvertently using force training.
      The two main benefits of using the remote trainer are;One; the electrical
stimulation of the remote trainer is the most humane form of discomfort, and the
most motivating form of discomfort. It does no harm at all to a dogs skin or
body, but can deliver a discomfort that causes all dogs to want to shut it off,
and, or, avoid it.TWO; the remote trainer can deliver immediate onset and
immediate offset, by pressing a button, and releasing the button. No other type
of training tool can deliver an immediate onset and offset.
      When a dog has been trained with Avoidance Training, with a remote
trainer, and has learned a strategy of how to learn with avoidance training, and
knows the strategy of how to learn through Play Training and Avoidance Training
to learn new responses, the dogs training can be taken to higher and higher
levels. The dog has learned how to learn. And learned how to attain success at
beating challenges. This gives the dog a feeling that he can avoid in any and all
      It is the confidence in "self" that makes avoidance training work. It is not the
"avoiding of discomfort" alone, that creates motivation for the dog to work and
be obedient.
      This feeling of self confidence, and feeling victory over challenge, is what
      The result is a dog that loves to work. Is very compliant to your commands,
and is more stress resistant than dogs not trained by HI TECH.
      One of the greatest parts of HI TECH TRAINING is in the way transition of
training from trainer to dogs owner can be so smooth. It can be smooth because
the dog is with knowledge of what to do, and dog owner can learn to use the
remote trainer. And not much need for remote trainer, So, no need for much
knowledge of use of remote trainer . More of Owner Benefits on next page.........